Court & Stults – Family Law

Families interact with the law regularly: buying property, selling property, protecting and caring for loved ones in the event of catastrophe, forming relationships and parting ways. 

When families go through transition and transformation it can create some of the most complex situations of life – both legally and emotionally. There may be a variety of problems to address with complex answers: Who will take care of the children? Who bears the financial responsibility? What happens to the property, or to the debt? Are we going to be ok financially? What am I going to do to make a living?

Often there is uncertainty about what might happen and what the possibilities are, needs that must be met, hopes and priorities for one’s own life and the lives of children and loved ones – and family law at its best must address these elements to set you back on your feet when the world is turning upside down. 

At Court & Stults LLP, what matters to us is what matters to you – getting to the roots of the problem you need to solve. We want to understand you and your family and help you come to a solution that puts you in a better place than when you came to us. For families that are just forming, we can help work through the issues necessary to create a cohabitation or prenuptial agreement that creates peace between partners and assurance of well-being in a worst case scenario. 

Services for families:

– Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

– Wills and Estate Planning

– Residential Real Estate

– Family Separations and Divorce

We practice Collaborative Family Law and Mediation because they prioritize the well-being and health of our client and their family. It places the ability to take control of these issues and challenges squarely in the hands of our client while they receive all the support and guidance they need.We believe that these tools are best suited to fostering and preserving peace for families, and emotional, mental and spiritual well-being for adults and children.