Court & Stults – Collaborative Family Law

Once formed, a family never ceases to exist; it continues despite changes, including dissolution of a marriage. Collaborative Law respects this reality and helps you adapt and live with the new reality of your family in the best way you can.

Collaborative Family Law starts with the beliefs that families will be happier and healthier when they make decisions for themselves than when a judge makes decisions for them; and that our clients are capable of making good decisions with the help of specially trained lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial specialists. The process begins with the commitment to stay out of a court room and work through the tough issues and decisions until a resolution is found.

It is a team approach between lawyers, accountants and other financial experts, and mental health professionals, to give families all the help they need to make good decisions and be well positioned to move on with life in healthy ways.

We prioritize your emotional and mental health, and help you make decisions which are tailored to meet your needs, hopes, concerns, priorities and values.

Collaborative Law protects children and their emotional, physical and spiritual health, refusing to allow them to be tools in the combat of litigation.

The main tool in a Collaborative Family Law case is the use of interest based negotiation – which is the exploration of the things which drive you – the ‘guts’ which determine what will be a good or bad decision or outcome for you. Once the ‘interests’ are understood by all members of a collaborative team, decisions are made to address those interests for all parties. All Registered Collaborative Family Lawyers are members of the Alberta of Collaborative Family Professionals (Edmonton), the Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association, and the International Association of Collaborative Professionals.

Jeff Johnson has taken extensive training in Collaborative Family Law. The Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association has provided a helpful document explaining the Collaborative Divorce process and believes wholeheartedly that this is a superior method to solving the vast majority of issues and problems that families face.